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Great Wildbeest Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration is that natural wonder of the world that attracts thousands of travellers on Tanzania Safari Tours who visit the gorgeous national park of Serengeti.

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Best Time for Climbing Kilimanjaro

Choosing the right time for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro really makes or breaks the experience and it is very important to make a decision

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Things To Do In Tanzania

With Back To Eden Adventures you can enjoy numerous Things To Do In Tanzania including visiting the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park and much more

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Kilimanjaro altitude Sickness

It is not the lack of fitness that prevents people from reaching the top of Kilimanjaro, its Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness

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Preparation and Training for Climbin

Though climbing Mount Kilimanjaro does not require special mountaineering skills, the experience will be

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Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Implying the country has two distinct seasons the High season or the dry season from mid-June to mid-October and the Low season or the wet rainy season from

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Safari Packing List Tanzania

For your convenience, therefore, we have provided you with a detailed list of materials that you need to pack before travelling to Tanzania.